Yankees 2 – Indians 5 | June 7, 2019

New York Yankees (39-22) @ Cleveland Indians (31-31)

Domingo German, the Yankees’ most dominant starter in the first month of the season, seemed poised to get back to his winning ways after shutting down the Indians for the first three innings, facing just the minimum nine hitters.

Then, Jason Kipnis drove in a run in the fourth inning to cut the lead in half. Tyler Naquin then homered in the fifth, and Carlos Santana homered in the sixth. Just like that, the Yanks found themselves in a 4-2 hole that they couldn’t overcome, spoiling the return of New York’s stud shortstop, Didi Gregorius.

The signature play of the game came in the top of the fifth inning; Gio Urshela, an ex-Indian, hit a 105 mph rocket up the middle. Francisco Lindor came flying out of the air from the shortstop position to nab the ball, hopped up, and threw a missile to gun down Urshela at first. Old friends, Lindor spent the next two innings laughing about it and talking shit to Urshela when he came out to play third base (right next to Cleveland’s dugout). I love watching Lindor play, he’s a wizard at short; but damnit, that had double written all over it, and could have changed the game as it would have been lead off double in a tie ballgame. Oh well.

There’s nothing more infuriating than a team that can’t find a way to rattle a pitcher making just his third career start. Zach Plesac has been in the big leagues for two weeks and stifled one of the league’s best offenses. I mentioned in my “Big Blue Pinstripes” preview series (watch here) that the Yankees have been excellent against rookie starters in the past. However, this is now the second rookie in 3 games to notch a win against them. That’ll have to change today as the Yankees are facing Adam Plutko, who’s not a rookie, but has never faced the Yankees before.

So, boys, do your homework, and beat him. You caught a break by having a series with Cleveland and not having to match up against Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer; so take advantage of it!


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