Yankees 2 – Mets 4 | July 2, 2019

New York Yankees (54-28) @ New York Mets (38-47)

Give. The. Bullpen. A. Rest.

Aaron Boone, my God, you can’t use Kahnle, Ottavino, Britton, and Chapman every single night. This is getting ridiculous. I understand they create an absolutely deadly combination in the back end of a game, but they’re going to be useless come playoff time. You know, when we’ll really fucking need them.

I cannot wait for the All-Star Break to get here to give these guys a break. They’ve each appeared in roughly half of the team’s games thus far this season. That’s a rate that will HAVE to slow down, or it will prove extremely costly for the Yankees in October.

After the highly anticipated London Series against Boston, the Yankees flew back home for the second segment of this season’s Subway Series at Citi Field in Queens. The Yankees have been rolling and the Mets have reeling; so, it’s only natural for the Yankees to blow one.

The Yankees got the scoring started with two runs in the second inning, following an RBI single from Gleyber Torres down the left field line; and the most exciting play in baseball: the suicide squeeze. Ok, it wasn’t a suicide, and it wasn’t really a squeeze bunt, but it worked out. James Paxton, with all of 11 plate appearances in his career put down a very, very good bunt with Edwin Encarnacion at third (not exactly Usain Bolt, but you get the gist). The Mets’ catcher, Wilson Ramos, came out the field the ball and with Zack Wheeler stumbling on his way to the ball, it left home plate uncovered, and Encarnacion, who may be slow, but is a veteran, took the opportunity the dart home and score the second, and final, run of the inning.

The game was moving along very nicely for the good guys as Paxton seemed to have figured out his issues from his previous few starts (going 6.0 innings, allowing just one run). After allowing just a solo home run to JD Davis in the 6th inning, the Yankees handed the ball to their overworked, but daunting bullpen with a 2-1 lead.

Tommy Kahnle did his job, working a painless seventh inning with no baserunners and a strikeout. Then, Ottavino came in for eighth. Arguably the most gifted reliever in the Yankees’ bullpen, he hasn’t quite had it the last few outings. Maybe, I don’t know, he’s appearing in too many games?! Who knows. Anyway, after a throwing error by DJ LeMahieu and a double by JD Davis, the game was quickly tied.

He then struck out Todd Frazier, intentionally walked Robinson Cano, and gave up another single to Wilson Ramos. Bases loaded, one out; Zack Britton comes in. This won’t take long; first-pitch two-run double by Michael Conforto and the Mets take a 4-2 lead, which would be the final score.

It makes sense. The Mets aren’t playing for much at this point other than pride, and there’s not many teams they’d like to beat more than the Yankees. The Yankees have been steamrolling everyone in their path, but just got back from a long road trip to England to endure a very exhaustive media row of interviews and photoshoots while also trying to win baseball games. But, did you have to lose to the Mets, of all teams?!

Ah well, get through this week 4-2, and I’ll be happy.

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