Fantasy Football: 2019 Re-Draft QB Rankings

The time has come! Fantasy Football drafts are finally here and #SFB9 drafts are virtually completed! For those that don’t know, #SFB (Scott Fish Bowl) is the holy grail of fantasy football. I damn near got into it this year, but I did get into a Satellite league which is a Best Ball league of the same scoring as the main event. The winners of each Satellite league generally get invites into the following year’s SFB **thumbs crossed**.

I have finally completed my research and I’ve been balls deep in forming my FantasyPros ranks for the 2019 draft season. I will be doing more descriptive player pieces over the next few weeks/months as we approach the first regular season games; but for now, I’ll be posting simply the list. I’ve done deep research and I have taken my rankings more seriously this year than I ever have as I’m going for the “Most Accurate Ranker’ award from FantasyPros as hard as I can this year!

Without further adieu, here we go:

  1. Patrick Mahomes (chiefs)
  2. Deshaun Watson (texans)
  3. Andrew Luck (colts)
  4. Aaron Rodgers (packers)
  5. Baker Mayfield (browns)
  6. Russell Wilson (seahawks)
  7. Drew Brees (saints)
  8. Carson Wentz (eagles)
  9. Matt Ryan (falcons)
  10. Dak Prescott (cowboys)
  11. Jared Goff (rams)
  12. Cam Newton (panthers)
  13. Mitch Trubisky (bears)
  14. Philip Rivers (chargers)
  15. Ben Roethlisberger (steelers)
  16. Josh Allen (bills)
  17. Tom Brady (patriots)
  18. Kirk Cousins (vikings)
  19. Jameis Winston (buccaneers)
  20. Matthew Stafford (lions)
  21. Lamar Jackson (ravens)
  22. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers)
  23. Nick Foles (jaguars)
  24. Kyler Murray (cardinals)
  25. Sam Darnold (jets)
  26. Marcus Mariota (titans)
  27. Andy Dalton (bengals)
  28. Derek Carr (raiders)
  29. Eli Manning (giants)
  30. Josh Rosen (dolphins)
  31. Case Keenum (redskins)
  32. Dwayne Haskins (redskins)
  33. Ryan Tannehill (titans)
  34. Joe Flacco (broncos)
  35. Blake Bortles (rams)
  36. Teddy Bridgewater (saints)

Alright, let’s hear it! Follow me on Twitter @joebuttgereit, and the site @uncensor_sports if you reading and chatting about sports! Also, tell me what you think about these rankings, because I’m sure you all will have something to say!

**Keep in mind, this list may change throughout the offseason/preseason. Check out my interactive ranks at FantasyPros to see an up-to-date rank for your drafts!

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